Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Sunday after world cup final - down to Bolton RUFC 'Sharks for the Week' Dan Hills visit
more visit Sale Sharks site & BEN

Under 16's


Sharky's - Confrontation

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Church Photography request from across the seas

Well its not wedding photography but it is in a church, recent request from a publisher in Luxembourg
wanting some photographs of the war memorial and remembrance book inside the church relating to 2 specific fallen soldiers - Well besides being really dark inside the church and outside. Being lit by the biggest sodium lights imaginable (everything was painted in yell yellow) combined to give a custardy look!

- I thought i'd retain some of the colour cast- light up the memorial with a diffused strobe and a small bare strobe front(set well -ev and gelled) to just catch the flags a little and a small dose of photoshop afterwards as the publisher wanted non straight clinical

2 IN 1 - both names on plaque and in the remembrance book
interesting job